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Update December 16th 2016
The Freewheeling SVN codebase here on Sourceforge is no longer being maintainted!
The original SVN repo has been converted to git and future development will take place on the github free-wheeling team fork
The wiki documentation has also been restored and is now hosted on github.

Sample Mixes

Here you'll find loops and scenes mixed from user improvisations.
Contributions are welcome-- upload to this address.

You can also find samples, scenes and demo mixes on my CCMixter page. I encourage you to use this tool to distribute your own Freewheeling samples and mixes.

To use the loops and scenes, extract them into your Freewheeling library folder (usually fw-lib/), and load Freewheeling. They will appear in the loop and scene browsers.

You can archive your own work by using the 'goarchive-scene' script (in scripts/). First, save (F7) and optionally name (Ctrl-Enter) your scene. If you give your scene a name, the name will appear as part of the filename, making it easy to find in your library.

Run 'goarchive-scene scene-name archive-name'. A .tar.bz2 archive will be created. This file contains everything a third party will need to recreate the session you have just saved.

Everything posted to the 'Remix Playground' is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

The Remix Playground