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Update December 16th 2016
The Freewheeling SVN codebase here on Sourceforge is no longer being maintainted!
The original SVN repo has been converted to git and future development will take place on the github free-wheeling team fork
The wiki documentation has also been restored and is now hosted on github.

Music Made in Freewheeling

Freewheeling is a twirling dance. I ask myself often,

' Why I am I spinning?
What is my aim?
What am I called to create? '

Spontaneous, raw, music from the heart ---


Much music swirling through me this year. Much beneath the surface, finding its way up. I am working with a deeper process and awareness. Working energetically within the mens' movement, and in my own process too. I'm studying Alexander Technique, as well as piano in the English/Russian school. I'm also continuing to sing in a great vocal improv group. You can find some new music on my teaching website, YesMagic.


Winter, 2007:

I've been very musical this past year! Please have a listen to Mercury's Music Blog. I am trying this new format for releasing improvised music. If you're a producer, I welcome collaborations! Here are sample packs for remixing. Best!

Winter, 2005/06:

  • Mountains So Big, Meadows So Soft

    As the darkest days of the year drew near, ice and snow wrapped Vancouver. Lakes lay half frozen, resting in the slow trickle, beneath white cliffs so cragged and grande. These days inspired this solo improvisation with piano and vocals.

Summer and Fall, 2005:

  • Stawamus Chief

    On a high summer day, I hiked up the Stawamus Chief, a mountain that overlooks the town of Squamish, BC. Perched on 700 metre high granite rocks, I pulled out my portable music rig and began improvising. The wind brushed my face as I sang and played my peaceful prayers to the mountain. This is a recording of the music that came to me on the Chief that day. Everything you hear came from the top of that mountain.

  • Deliverance - Live

    Improvised and recorded live at the Vancouver Green Body Gathering. Mercury on keyboards, throat singing, and synthesized drums.

  • J-J-M

    A mix from a two-man Freewheeling session with my buddy Jon.

March, 2005: