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Update December 16th 2016
The Freewheeling SVN codebase here on Sourceforge is no longer being maintainted!
The original SVN repo has been converted to git and future development will take place on the github free-wheeling team fork
The wiki documentation has also been restored and is now hosted on github.

Technical Information

OS:Mac OS X and Linux
Minimum hardware:Cheap PC with standard audio hardware
Recommended hardware:Fast laptop with multichannel IO box
Major libraries:JACK, ALSA, SDL, OGG, FluidSynth
Real-time performance:32/64 sample latency, depending on hardware
Design model:Multithreaded realtime object-oriented app
Maximum simultaneous inputs & outputs:No software limit, depends on hardware
Maximum number of loops:No software limit, depends on available memory
Maximum number of simultaneously recording and playing loops:No software limit, depends on available CPU
Actually, the above depend more on the skill of the user than on technical limits. More loops are more difficult to manage in a live setting. You have to walk with one foot in each world.
Real-time controllers:QWERTY / MIDI
Visuals:Fullscreen or windowed direct video
Grabbing loops:Similar to EchoPlex Digital Pro (EDP)