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Update December 16th 2016
The Freewheeling SVN codebase here on Sourceforge is no longer being maintainted!
The original SVN repo has been converted to git and future development will take place on the github free-wheeling team fork
The wiki documentation has also been restored and is now hosted on github.

Step into Freewheeling

Freewheeling is
a new way to be
In The Muse-ical Moment.
It's a live looping instrument
that returns us to the joy
of making music spontaneously.


Freewheeling allows us to build repetitive grooves
by sampling and directing loops from within spirited improvisation.

It works because, down to the core, it's built around improv. We leave mice and menus, and dive into our own process of making sound.

Freewheeling runs under Mac OS X and Linux, and is open source software, released under the GNU GPL license.

What People Say

"EXCELLENT APP, changed my life!"
Jorge Salgueiro, member of Skin Buildings, Granada Spain

"It's an amazing instrument.. a constant source of joy and fun."
Wolfgang Woehl, Munich Germany

"I find this soft amazing and very intuitive, already adopted and will stand a big place in my music toolset."
Dubphil, Strasbourg France

"One of the most important new apps for Linux audio in the last year.
FW is just such an exciting app. I hate the word, but I even have to say 'fun' :)"

Paul Davis, principal developer of Ardour, Philadelphia PA

"It has a really nice organic feel to it.. makes composing on the computer feel more like a human pursuit again!"
James Stone, London UK

"A remarkably intuitive, efficient, and well-designed piece of software."
Plutek, member of Composers Workshop, Toronto

"It's great the way FW takes me into the music, into the 'now' of the creative process."
Sean Bolton, Portland OR

"I feel like this is the most creative I've ever been. This is fantastic."

"Freewheeling kicks all kinds of ass known to mankind. What a totally awesome jam program."
Alex MacGillivray, Victoria BC

"I second the love for Freewheeling. It is the most inspiring musical tool I've gotten since the piano."
Dan Easley, member of the Burnt Possum Poets, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Freewheeling has been used--

  • In solo work, to rapid prototype musical ideas without stopping
  • In singing circles and jam bands
  • As a training tool in music education
  • As a community building process